Apprentice season 5. Part 1


In this TV show, people are recruited to a group around 10 people each. These 2 group will compete eachother in different projects, the losing group will be eliminate one person. The interesting part of this, you can understand something about competing, working in a group, how to deal with emotion, how to be conflict in an appropriate way. You know, I really want you can learn something from this, as I have learnt as when I was in Italy.

Part 1, it is just a begining, these guys are very representative for most of people you are meeting in your life: aggressive, ambition, some kind of flatering, good education back ground. As you can see the picture above, they all look smart, brilliant guys. While watching this , choose a guy you like or you think he is like you in some ways, see how he can get through this tough sistuation, you will learn something. That is my approach to watch this.  The spirit of teamwork in this part is not…well , not very interesting , because this project is so easy.

In this part, as usual if you have watched other season, the most interesting part is in the board room, where Trump (sorry Trump but I hate you) will decide which guy to be fired.  Summer, blondy girl, good lucking, is fired. I think it is because  she talks a lot and not very clever in communication with Trump, an arrogance guy and Caroline, an arrogance lady (that later, Carolina is fired by Trump as the rumour that she is too arogance in front of Trump, well what go around will come around :d ). A lesson in this part is never  to interupt your boss while he is speaking for protecting your friend. Or you will be his place.

Another interesting part in the board room and after that is, I will tell you: if somebody spoil me in front of people by very violence word or strictly or bad word, he will never in my team again (of course before). But from watching this TV, I have learnt that, ok these guy in this TV show can face eachother after being spoiled why I can’t face. It is not a matter, you  have to move on, to settle down everything. People is not matter but result is matter.

 I need to watch this some more time… to discuss with you guys. Nice weekend.


v.swf ← click here to watch part 1 of season 5

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