I need to take myself back… 3 week of rehab, start on sunday.

When you couldn’t control your emotion just by any reason thatreason repeats itself again again and again in any events that affects your emotion, I think you are already addicted to something .

When you think about something very very often, and you couldn’t find any reason why it has been staying in your mind for so long, and you can’t get it out of your mind. You feel that you are going around a circle that there is no end, the next point you meet is the point that you have been got through.  I think you are already addicted to it.

When something happen in your thinking, you can’t get it out of your way, and they become your bad habit, they could prevent you from having a good life with good points like having good health, good thinking…

There is one thing that happens to me now. I have to admit that I am addicted to it. For all thing that I have tried a lot, there are still many moment in my day, I couldn’t control my feeling, my thinking when I think about it, I counld’t stop my feeling about it. One day without talking about it, thinking about it, know how it is going today, it like a blade cut through my heart. I couldn’t focus on my job because of it.

From today, I will emerse myself in 3 week balance program. I think I will get over that feeling of addicting. It is not I will forget it forever but I will position myself again, and turn that into a good motive myself. I don’t want to lose myself.

My plan:

– Focus on fitness and exercise.

– Focus on knowledge and ways to control my emotion.

– Temporarily control my desire to have it, think about it in an appropriate way.

– When you love, it is not to own her, but learn to her happy.

The object of these 3 weeks is take myself back, prepare the control of myself  in order to move on with my life.

Now you can know what is happening to me. I will set up a folder that will update my schedule everyday in next 3 weeks.  I will take a photo everyday to know how to get over it.

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